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My Approach

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Theories I have trained in:




Transactional Analysis.

Every human being is unique with their own set of life experiences that have gone some way to shaping their thought patterns, behaviour and adapted coping styles. 

My approach is to explore what challenges are frequently impacting you and your life whilst providing you with the safety of compassion without judgement.  I invite you to become curious as to what is influencing your perspective on the world and where you see your place within it.  By offering you this safe therapeutic space, my intention is that you start to feel understood, seen and accepted for who you are, without any mask, allowing you the solid ground to stand upon whilst you consider making the changes needed to live a more fulfilled and peaceful life.

As an integrative trained therapist my practise is drawn from theories that suit your unique needs, not a set in stone one-way approach.  Giving me the ability to adapt and explore other ways of working that 'speak' to you.  My work is always performed from a trauma-informed perspective.

Experts in their respective fields that influence my approach are:

Dr Gabor Maté 

Dr Bessel van de Kolk MD

Dr Richard Schwartz PhD

Dr Elinor Greenberg PhD

How and where?

Face to face therapy takes place in my office in Canterbury on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning.  It is a light, yet cosy space that has been intentionally designed to feel less clinical than would be typically expected.   It is important you feel comfortable and welcome and for that reason, it has a homely feel.

I provide online sessions on Zoom or by phone, therefore allowing flexibility for those working long hours or struggle with travel.

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